my love is sensitive


17 x 95 x 12 cm

6.69 x 37.40 x 4.72 in




Available for Sale


Medium: wood, gold, silver and copper leaves, glass beads, electronics (Arduino Uno, RCWL 0516 microwave radar sensor, WS 2812 RGB LED stripes) Wall pendant, 95cm (high) x 17cm (wide) x 12 cm (depth)

“The artwork is sensing your body movement and is transforming it into a colorful light show. It is interacting with you and gives you space for self reflection. Can you identify yourself in that light spectrum? Am I feeling monochrome or colorful? Striped or dotted? Am I shining in rainbow colors, or do I want to shine at all? By asking yourself these questions the artwork becomes a tool for self awareness and reflection about your body, your sexuality and in general your relation to yourself and others. We humans tend to know very little about ourselves which makes us vulnerable and susceptible to manipulation. To know what you love, what you desire or hate makes you resilient against all kinds of negative impacts.”

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