About The Artist:

Brad Welch is a self-taught, Florida-based artist who specializes in figurative and erotic male art. Using primarily graphite and colored pencils, Brad's drawing style has been described as "dramatic," incorporating a dynamic interplay between shadow and light. He is most inspired by the athletic male physique, often depicted in bold or provocative poses. 

"My pieces explore homoerotic fantasy stereotypes - the cowboy, the bullfighter, the athlete - in various stages of undress, revealing a vulnerability beneath the hypermasculine facade." - Brad


Name: Bareback (original)

Description: As in my previous piece of a similar nature, Harnessed, this drawing exemplifies the longstanding leather fetish within a certain subset of gay male society. More than any other style of apparel, leather apparel represents the apex of masculinity. Take an already muscular man and clad him in leather and suddenly he becomes the "alpha" dog. Now, put him on top of a leather-and-steel 150-horsepower motorcycle, and his testosterone is literally off the charts!

Medium: Graphite Pencil on Bristol

Size: 48 x 48 cm 

Price: 70,000 THB (includes frame)


Name: Harnessed

Description: In gay male society, leather clothing and accessories have long held an allure to a certain segment of men. Leather jackets, boots, pants, chaps, harnesses, armbands and even jockstraps or thongs are regularly donned, not so much as "costumes," per se, but more like "uniforms." In this piece, I chose to depict an athletic man in the skimpiest of leather apparel. Even so, these simple trappings completely changes not only how he is perceived, but also how he perceives himself.

Medium: Print

Size: 41 x 48 cm 

Price: 7,000 THB (includes frame)


Name: One Night in Bangkok

Description: This piece was inspired by the 1985 top 40 hit by Murray Head, "One Night in Bangkok." The song was actually banned in Thailand due to the lyrics focusing on Bangkok's legendary nightlife while supposedly denigrating Buddhism. Even so, it served as inspiration for this drawing depicting a nightclub where a dancing "go go boy" is cozying up to a patron. To me, it begs the question - who has the power in this scenario? Is it the handsome younger man, because he possesses both youth and beauty? Or is it the older gentleman in the expensive suit, denoting status and wealth?

Medium: Print

Size: 36 x 43 cm 

Price: 7,000 THB (includes frame)


Name: Scenes from a Locker Room

Description: Locker room atmospheres can be highly charged with emotion, whether it's excitement for an upcoming competition, disappointment or elation from a recent win or loss, or even nervousness at getting naked in front of a roomful of strangers. I drew this piece to capture a locker room scene where all of the inhabitants are perfect "10's" ... which, depending your viewpoint, could be either your dream scenario or your worst nightmare.

Medium: Print

Size: 56 x 74 cm 

Price: 7,000 THB (includes frame)


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