PULSE Gallery presents Myrtille Tibayrenc "Créature Extraordinaire"

PULSE Gallery presents Myrtille Tibayrenc "Créature Extraordinaire"


Créature Extraordinaire.

Through her eyes and her hands, Myrtille Tibayrenc invites you to dwell into the eroticism and mysticism that lies beyond the physical manifestation.

11 March - Opening Party at PULSE Club Back Door (Free Entry from 5PM - 9PM)
13 March - 30 April 2023. Exhibition at PULSE Gallery Ploenchit

Myrtille Tibayrence

"Créature Extraordinaire is an ensemble of oils on wood produced in the past 3 months. 

For this new body of works, I focused on people around me that I found interesting for various reasons.  I always had a concern for gender issues, so several models incarnate this “In between” which I find fascinating. My view on these models is not judgmental, it is a simple observation of humans around me. Most models are my friends, often creative people, artists, fashion designers, photographers.

I enjoy painting especially the youth, their trends of body jewelry, tattoos and sometimes gender transitions, or just asserted sexual orientations. But it can be simple body parts which resonate with eroticism or mysticism, two sides of the same medal. I like trying to depict the inner world of my models. Something beyond their physique, an attitude, a glimpse perhaps at their spiritual dimension. Above all their uniqueness. 

These new works were painted on recycled wood planks, various essences of ancient wood from northern Thailand. Teak, mango, padauk, Etc. I use the bases of ancient natural gesso technique to prepare the wood and try to preserve as much of the vein patterns. The oil work is then very light in order to keep the wood grain visible. It becomes the skin of my models, giving them an organic feel."

About the Artist
Myrtille Tibayrenc (IG : myrtilletibayrenc)

Myrtille Tibayrenc has been the director of the Toot Yung Art Center since 2008. She is well known for her unconventional curatorial projects, as well as her work as an artist, which she debuted at Serindia Gallery in Bangkok in 2017. She has since exhibited at both unconventional and established venues in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The term "responsibility" refers to the process of determining whether or not something should be done about it.

Tibayrenc is a French citizen and grew up in Bolivia, the US and France. She attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Dunkirk and continued her arts education at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Marseille before moving to Thailand in 2006. Her figurative work is painterly and provocative, inspired as much by observation and photography as by images found on the internet. She creates large series of paintings that resemble ex-voto walls found in churches. Each painting, which can be quite small at times, is created in the style of an icon on wood or canvas. Her technique and subject choice are directly inspired by Renaissance masters, enhancing both the timelessness and anachronism of her images, which are composed of a strong central figure with a bare background.

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