Superfah Jellyfish

Superfah Jellyfish


About The Artist :
Hirunkorn Nikornsaen, also known as Superfah Jellyfish, Fah, and Skye. Started her career as a graphic designer before went to study MA illustration at Arts University Bournemouth in England in 2014 then took a graphic design job at a retail company for a year and quit for working as a receptionist at the hostel while studying tattooing. She aims to tattoo her illustration on the customer’s skin, her biggest dream.
How to describe her and her work? A shy person who always let her art speaks for her depending on how she feels and what story she would like to tell at that moment. Punk and independent but also wear pink. A fan of Paris Hilton, Ewan McGregor, and Tahoma font in Thai version. She loves Guinness.

Name: The brightest one​

Description: Oh girls, you are the brightest color in this world. Shining on your own, follow your heart, do what you love, and be kind. The world needs a unique color like you. It’s your time to shine <3”​ one​

Medium: Watercolor 

Price: 28,000 THB



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