An earliest detection test, is a test that looks for HIV DNA (called integrated HIV) in blood. This is similar to viral load test which usually test for HIV RNA.


The HIV RNA test is one of the most recently developed HIV tests, and it is starting to generate a lot of interest in the scientific community. Though it still is not as popular as other types of HIV tests, more and more people are starting to go for the HIV RNA test after a potential exposure to HIV. Have you heard about the HIV RNA test and are wondering if it is right for you? Keep reading to discover all the details about what this test is, how it works, and why you need it.


The Importance of Early Detection for HIV

The human immunodeficiency virus can be spread through many types of bodily fluids. HIV is no longer an absolute death sentence like it was in the eighties, but it is still a very serious infection. If you do not know you have HIV, the illness can progress and eventually cause AIDS. This leads to a variety of problems like severe infection, sweating, fatigue, weight loss, and cancer.


Because HIV can be dangerous if left untreated, you need to be able to find out if you have it as soon as possible, The most effective form of HIV treatment, antiretroviral therapy, will work the best if you can begin taking it before you experience any symptoms. With proper treatment and care, you can avoid ever developing AIDS even if you are HIV positive. Prompt treatment can keep other serious complications of HIV, like certain cancers and opportunistic infections, from developing too.


Early detection is also essential because it helps you to avoid infecting anyone else. Once you begin treatment, your HIV viral load will decrease, reducing the chance of you infecting someone. You will also be properly informed, so you can take steps to keep your sexual partners from ending up with HIV. Getting tested and diagnosed with HIV as soon as possible is the right choice for both you and your loved ones.


What Is an RNA Test for HIV? 

Now that you know a little bit about the importance of HIV detection, it is time to go into a little more detail about the HIV RNA test. HIV is a type of virus that encodes the genetic information in RNA instead of DNA. RNA is similar to the DNA that every human has, but it is slightly simpler and has a different chemical composition. When you are infected with the HIV virus, it inserts itself into your cells and then hijacks the cell’s systems to replicate itself.


Therefore, anyone who has an HIV infection will have the HIV RNA inside of some of their cells. The HIV RNA test uses this fact to facilitate testing. During the test, the experts look for evidence that your body has HIV RNA. If these RNA are present, you are HIV positive, and if they are not present, you are most likely HIV negative.

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