20 x 10 x 0 cm

7.87 x 3.94 x 0 in





18,000 THB

Medium: Mix (Bottle, wire, paper, dry wall, clay, resin, prep pill, light)

Size: 20 cm x 10 cm

“Preptaca is a sculpture inspired by pre-colonialist art in South America. Its name comes from the combination of “Huitaca“ and Prep medicine. Huitaca is the goddess of arts, dance and music, witchcraft, sexual liberation, and the Moon for the Muisca indigenous group in the Andes region. Preptaca aims to look at sexual health as something to cherish and understand that sexual health should have been on our minds from the earliest of times. Prep, as the only medicine we can take as a prevention for HIV, becomes a symbol of hope, and in my opinion, something that should be from easy access to everyone in need. As a South American gay man living in Thailand, I have been blessed with the chance to demystify sexual health controls and appreciate how advanced Thai society is regarding this topic, compared to my home country Colombia. This sculpture also symbolizes an urge for this matter and the request to international entities to make it a fact for all of South America.”

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