"NOW CALLING" Solo Exhibition by Dr.Deyn - Bangkok Galleries' Nights 2022

"NOW CALLING" Solo Exhibition by Dr.Deyn - Bangkok Galleries' Nights 2022


“What type of world do we want after two years of COVID-19 and many health concerns, the war in Ukraine, political uncertainty, environmental challenges, and the destiny of the planet? What values do we aim to spread? What are our long-term prospects? We have all witnessed the fragility of life. What are the challenges now? What must be created? What solutions are there?” - Those are the questions raised by La Fête and Ambassade de France en Thaïland , the organiser of the long-awaited Bangkok Galleries Nights event.


Dr. Deyn or Natthakhet Yaemim, MD. (IG : Dr.Deyn) of PULSE Social Enterprises addresses such questions with "NOW CALLING." His first solo exhibition which is taking place in the new art venue "Silom CBD," nestled in the heart of the Silom area.

Visitors will be greeted at the Art Tunnel featuring plenty of art pieces from international artists before being led by PULSE Angels to the hidden Silom CBD for the main event which will feature performances such as live painting and opera.

Let’s not put it on hold. Join us on 11.11.22 to hear the call.


Now Calling

"The call"

When someone wants to connect with us, calling rather than texting, creates a more meaningful experience. We know we are wanted, and missed, and that the caller truly cares, giving us their time and attention. The sound of our voice, even without the visual cues, allows for deeper bonding. Auditorial communication creates a significantly stronger connection.

When the world gets in trouble, either the world outside, 

or our inside world is turning upside down, 

when there's no-one else around and we find ourselves alone,

listen to the call inside your heart, deep down in your soul.

Allow yourself to connect with your inner world, make peace with yourself, follow your dreams and passions. 

Listen carefully...

Do you hear that voice start calling you now?

The world needs more calling. Recent changes in climate, international relations, lifestyle, travel, our relationships, work and our city and country landscapes, have created barriers. The barriers that prevent people from deeply connected with each other, however we have the power to change that.

Learn to trust the voice within, that gut feeling, we will already know why we're for. Let's stay connected.

It's time to make that call.

☎️ Now calling …


Bangkok Galleries Nights by La Fête and Ambassade de France en Thailande. In collaboration with PULSE Gallery present


☆ Solo Exhibition by Dr.Deyn
11.11.2022 - 01.23.2023 at PULSE Gallery Silom 
☆ Art tunnel by various artists at Art Space Silom


Agenda | 11.11.22 | Free Entry
18.00Door open
18.30PrEPtaca Walkthrough by Nico
19.00Now Calling Walkthrough by Dr.Deyn
19.30Incoming Call (Performance)
20.00Live Painting by Dr. Deyn
20.30Grab more drink time
21.00Incoming Call (Performance)
21.30Now Calling Walkthrough by Dr.Deyn
22.00Live Painting by Dr. Deyn
22.30Party Time
00.00Hang Up


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Agenda | 01.23.23 | NOW CALLING Closing Party
18.00Coming Soon
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