PrEPTaca - PULSE PrEP Awareness Month | PULSExhibiton by PULSE Clinic & PULSE Gallery


KinkyBKK is an event initiated by PULSE Clinic and PULSE Gallery to raise awareness on sexual well-being for global community in Bangkok.

PrEPTaca - PULSE PrEP Awareness Month | PULSExhibiton by PULSE Clinic & PULSE Gallery

PrEPtaca Exhibition – The Goddess of Health and Wisdom

An exhibition by Nicolas Bernal

PULSExhibiton by PULSE Clinic & PULSE Gallery





10 OCTOBER 2022, BANGKOK – PULSE Gallery and PULSE Clinic introduce PrEPtaca, the goddess of health and wisdom, a cross-cultural Latin American deity who connects tightly with the mentality of Asians, as the next exhibition. PrEPtaca highlights dimensions of body-positive, sexual-mental health, sexual-spiritual well-being through PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), an HIV prevention medication and symbol of hope to eradicate HIV and stigma around HIV and sexual health.


“PrEPtaca is a sculpture inspired by pre-colonialist art in South America.  The name comes from the combination of “Huitaca” and PrEP. Huitaca is the goddess of arts, dance and music, witchcraft, sexual liberation, and the Moon for the Muisca indigenous group in the Andes region.  PrEPtaca aims to look at sexual health as something to cherish and has been a part of life since the earliest of times” says puppeteer and artist Nicolas Bernal.

Prep, as the only medicine we can take as a prevention for HIV, becomes a symbol of hope, and in my opinion, something that should be from easy access to everyone in need. As a South American gay man living in Thailand, I have been blessed with the chance to demystify sexual health controls and appreciate how advanced Thai society is regarding this topic, compared to my home country Colombia. This sculpture also symbolizes an urge for this matter and the request to international entities to make it a fact for all of South America.”

“PrEP is very effective at preventing HIV transmission and it is important modern tool to help eradicate HIV pandemic completely. PULSE Clinics have been the trailblazer in implementing PrEP and increasing PrEP uptake to reduce HIV infection in many countries and PULSE Galleries provide a safe space for open communication supporting spiritual and cultural arts through mind-enlightening exhibitions such as PrEPtaca, that celebrate being true to yourself, spirituality, self-discovery and self-expression in the megacity.” Says PULSE Founder and CEO Dr. Deyn Natthakhet Yaemim. “Let’s learn together how to love, to share, make love and take care of our lifestyle choices through active participation in the media mix of the PrEPtaca exhibition which includes, artworks, videography, sculpture, starting with an immersive experience on the gallery night” concludes Dr. Deyn.


Nicolas (Nico) is a graduate designer from Javeriana University with a specialization in art experiences, puppetry and toy design based in Bangkok. His entry in the 2021 PULSE awards inspired this exhibition and Nico is committed to creating interactions for social purposes, problem resolution and experimental growth.


Exhibition Opening: Saturday 15 October 2022

Time: ??????????????

At: PULSE Gallery Ploenchit x EU Health and Wellness Ploenchit

BTS Ploenchit


PrEPtaca exhibition from 15 October - 27 November 2022 

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About the Artist

Nico is a graduate designer from Javeriana University who specialized in toy design, art experiences and puppetry as methods of teaching and creating different interactions for social purposes. He has a Masters in Education that focuses on puppetry as an opportunity to inspire and develop a culture of peace. He would describe myself as creative, enthusiastic and fully commited to developing and collaborating with others in order to resolve different problems within education. Puppetry is his passion and he is commited to using it as an expression for relating and interacting in different fields, however, as a design teacher he also have explored other fields such as graphic, fashion, jewelry, product and digital media design.





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