KinkyBKK Xtend - PULSE Kinky December | PULSExhibiton by PULSE Clinic & PULSE Gallery


KinkyBKK Xtend is an event initiated by PULSE Clinic and PULSE Gallery to raise awareness on sexual well-being for global community in Bangkok.

KinkyBKK Xtend - PULSE Kinky December | PULSExhibiton by PULSE Clinic & PULSE Gallery


KiNKY BKK Xtend - PULSE Fetish December

Kink Parties and Fetish SEXhibiton by PULSE Clinic & PULSE Gallery

Enjoy a friendly, playful atmosphere, excellent music, a kink zone, a play area, a lounge area, and much, much more.
Hit the dance floor for hours or enjoy some drinks while you catch up with old and new friends. Or go and explore our many play areas on a more sensual, daring and erotic adventure. We supply the atmosphere, the rest is up to you!

While acceptance of BDSM and fetishes has increased over the past few decades, we still have a long way to go.

Acceptance to our sexuality (by ourselves, community and the society) has higher impact on person well-being as a whole.
Government of many countries declared consensual kinky sex acts like face-sitting, flogging and watersports to be illegal, while ignoring a wide range of less kinky but equally extreme activities. People who engage in BDSM still run the risk of losing their jobs or having their fitness as parents investigated if they are ‘outed’.

That's why we are here to raise awareness on consentual activities to create safe space to keep our community happy - healthy and h*rny.
Have fun liberating your kinky self – and being part of the sex positive movement as you do it!


Event Line Up





📍 PULSE CBD (Club Back Door) | Fri 23.12.2022 | 7PM-Late
Dresscode - Any kinks. Rubber, latex, leather, nylon, cosplay, gothic, fantasy, metal, fur, ferries, puppies, drag, uniforms, etc.

- Kink Zone
- Play Area
- Shibari Performance
- Spanking Performance
- Drag Performance by Amadiva, GG Yonce
- DJ (DJ Jay, DJ Spike)
- Dance Floor

Play Area Not-allow-list
- Fire play / Wax play
- Sharp play
- Blood play

*No photograph/video recording device allowed in play area

**Feel free to bring your own equipment and towel.

***Kink dress code is ideal to enter the play area. Rubber, latex, nylon, leather, gothic, fantasy, metal, furries, puppies, steampunk, drag, uniforms, etc.

Please be considerate. Always ask for consent and respect a no.


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Yada Kinbaku, Anonymous
Amadiva, GG Yonce


 Ark Saroj · Brad Welch · Deyn Yaemim · Gastby Lim
James Pisut · Jan Katgert · Keefer Berlin
Kimmo Kauko · Marla Bendini · MC Redman · Myrtille Tibayrenc
Ohm Sama · Oat Montien · Paul LM
 · Shotbyly · Tomah Villeneuve · P Tonmai
Tree · Yang Zhongda


DJ. Spike · DJ Jay

Official Event Photographer

Ohm Sama, Kimmo Kauko