The Big Ego


130 x 150 x 0 cm

51.18 x 59.05 x 0 in




Available for Auction

60,000 THB

Medium: Oil on Canvas

&nbsp; &nbsp;With two works, childhood and the big ego, which are two acts that are considered as human development through each life stage. <br/>&nbsp; &nbsp;Through this work, I want to convey to viewers a perspective on the development process, With the change of life it is that makes each of us have many experiences both good and bad. It includes both chaos and peace of mind. I think none of us. We love that chaos, but that chaos is the driving force that helps us find peace and calm. <br/> &nbsp; &nbsp;With childhood as the beginning when starting to become human, we also have different childhoods with many people being peaceful and happy, but not everyone is lucky to have a beautiful childhood. <br/> &nbsp; &nbsp;As for the big ego, it is the second process after we grow up and develop the ego with the intake of both positive and negative things and that brings chaos.

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