Way Out


32 x 41.4 x 0 cm

12.60 x 16.30 x 0 in




Available for Sale


Medium: Charcoal and gold marker on paper

Size: 32cm (W) x 41.4cm (H)

“My best friend had been struggling for many years and passed away in 2020 due to HIV complications. He could be cured earlier and enjoy the rest of his life, but he wasn’t lucky enough. The grief has made me think a lot about life. Even though life is as complicated as a maze, we can always find our way out through love and care. The body portrayed in the middle reflected a sense of struggles, sorrowful and regretfulness. It could be anyone who used to suffer, mentally or physically, and try very hard to look for an answer. The free and expressive outline of the nude contrasted to the maze reflected the reality, which is happening day-to-day basis, life is always juggling between oneself and the environment, but if we could love ourselves more, and care for others who’s in need, we’ll be able to find the peace and cure.”

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